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30 Video Lessons & 12+ Hours of Education

This completely free entrepreneurship course from Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre (at Queens University) helps students turn their idea, technology, or inspiration into a venture that addresses a pressing problem!

This course is a MUST ATTEND if...

💡 You are dreaming of starting your own venture but don't know where to start.

💡 You are a soon-to-be business owner who wants to get things done right the first time.

💡You are an existing business owner who wants to improve and innovate your venture.

Course Outline - 5 Modules

The Explore Entrepreneurship Online Training contains 12+ hours of content on the fundamentals of launching your venture featuring instructors and speakers from the Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre network and alumni community.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

This module provides an overview of the characteristics that lead people to become successful entrepreneurs: coach-able, committed, and curious. Professor Greg Bavington discusses the importance of understanding and being comfortable with failure and risk, and how to manage your mental health as an entrepreneur.

Systems & Design Thinking

The Systems Thinking module provides an overview of the interconnectedness of the systems in which we work. Drawing inspiration and insight from things that are similar and things that are different. 'Systems Thinking' as a tool for Systems Leadership to enable and support systems-level change.

Customer Discovery

Customer Discovery provides students with an overview of tools used to better understand the pain points and needs of potential users/customers and the importance of empathy: Observation, Insight, Interviews, Photo Journals, Personas, Journey Maps etc.

Cost, Price & Value

This module demonstrates to students how to discover and ensure your solution is financially viable. An overview of the Price, Cost, Value continuum and how to properly define these terms appropriately. Determining and understanding the value of your product or service by empathizing with your customers/users.

Social Enterprise

This module examines: What is social enterprise? What are the advantages and disadvantages of achieving social impact? How can the government, private sector and non-profit sector come together for social impact? What is systems leadership and why is it important for scaling social ventures?

Common Questions

Where do I take this course?
The course is completely online so you can partake whenever and wherever you would like (as long as you have internet access).
When does the course begin?
Whenever you like! You will be given lifetime access to the material and can take at a pace that is right for you.
How much does this course cost?
This explore entrepreneurship course is completely free to anyone who is interested.
How long does it take to complete the course?
The course is designed so you can take at a speed that is best for you. Most students will do it over 4-6 weeks and others will complete in a few days.
Do I get a certificate upon completion?
Right now we do not offer a certificate when you complete the course. However, we will look to provide exams and certificates in 2022.
Who is eLengo & Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre?
eLengo creates and distributes agribusiness and micro entrepreneurship content to students across Sub-Saharan Africa. The Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre, based at Queen's University in Kingston, Canada, believes everyone has the potential for creative problem-solving to address pressing issues facing people in our society. Their mission is to catalyze this potential, developing entrepreneurial mindsets and fostering a culture of innovation across Queen’s University, the Kingston community, and globally. They build change makers by encouraging and supporting their entrepreneurial initiatives through incubators, workshops, programs, courses, and pitch competitions.
How do I sign up for this course?
Please click on the 'SIGN UP NOW' button below and follow the steps to view the course.

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